Math Homework Due Dates: laugh  

Monday Oct. 2:  Complete math homework 1.13 

Tuesday Oct. 3:  Return homework 1.3 and complete math homework 1.14

Wednesday Oct. 4: Return homework 1.14 and complete math homework 1.15

Thursday Oct.5: Return homework 1.15 and Complete math homework 1.16

Friday Oct.6:  Return math homework 1.16 

Timed addition and subtraction quizzes will be begin in the next week.  Please be using flash cards to help your kiddo study/memorize the addition and subtraction level they are on. Each student will begin with the 2's ex. 2+1,2+2,2+3 etc. thru 12. The students get 2 min. to complete and can get up to 2 wrong and still pass which means they then will take the next level up ex. the 3's. smiley

Think Central itools: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/hspmathmx/na/common/itools_pri_9780547835570_/main.html


 Reading Practice Homework:  please encourage extra reading each night/day! It is important to read at least 20-30 minutes a day at this point in the year to be able to maintain their reading level! Return reading log from the week and the kiddos will get another one in home reading bag for next week!! Reminder Raz-kids and Epic is a great resource for leveled reading as well!!laugh 



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb