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New Items for this Week: December 4-8

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy first week of December! This week I sent home the Johnson Santa Shop information and money envelope if you choose to have your kiddo participate to purchase family and friend gifts. Our day to shop is Monday December 4 at 12:30.  

Next Tuesday December 5 the students have an early release day due to teachers being in meetings. The dismissal time is 2:37. Lunch will be the regular time. 



We have started our weekly addition and subtraction quizzes. Please be watching the kiddos daily Johnson folder for the corrected quizzes so you can help your kiddo study the facts for the next quiz. 


I have updated the Bickel Bunch google classroom.  You can access the google classroom by signing into the student's hvs account, click on google classroom and then Bickel Bunch 2023-2024. There are some reading sites and other activities. Epic only has free access during school hours. But I will send home the class log in instructions, it is also accessible from our google classroom.  The Raz leveled reading site is updated and I sent home parent letters to access at home.  


  Each kiddo is coming home with a reading log and home reading bag for this weekend and next week. When the kiddos need new books they can bring their reading bag back to school and get new books.  Every Friday the kiddos will come home with a new reading log to record minutes read each night in their "newly created comfy cozy book nook"!  Check the dates on the reading log. I will give a small treat to each kiddo for being responsible and returning each reading log. 


If you haven't already please sign-up for the Remind 101, a direction page is in the Meet and Greet packet.  It is a great quick way to send messages to all parents. 



Please see the homework section for updated math homework .   

The second grade teaching team decided that we will send home the whole  unit of math homework at once and as the students complete each homework page they can bring it back to school the next day.   


  Please follow in the homework section of this website for what homework lessons will need to be turned in when. Each lesson has a follow up homework lesson to be completed at home.  The backside of each homework page is a review page that is your choice if you would like your child to complete that page.  Then the homework page can be turned in the following day to school after completion. 


Science Unit:  We will continue our first science unit What is a scientist/engineer and Matter

 In Writer's Workshop: We will be going back to Small Moment Writing and the Writing Process. We will also be practicing writing paragraphs in paragraph form. 

   In  Reader's Workshop we will be working with comprehension and vocabulary with a novel study. We will also be completing a shared reading lesson incorporating text to self, text to text, phonics, character point of view, comprehension-making inferences, compare/contrast and cause and effect

 In Phonics, we will be completing lessons of our UFLI Phonics program. Watch Friday Folder for lessons done during the week.

    Our Specials this next week are as follows:

                                                                            Monday : Art : 3:15-4:00 

Library every Monday 12:30-1:00

Tuesday :  Gym:3:15-4:00

Wednesday : Tech 3:15-4:00

Thursday :  Music   3:15-4:00

Friday : Art: 3:15-4:00

Second grade curriculum slide show




Mrs. Michelle Bickel





"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb