Classroom Information

The following information maybe useful to know as routines are established and looked back on throughout the year.  If you have any additional questions please call me at ext. 5558 between 8:00-9:00am or 4:30-5:00 pm.  This will help minimize instructional interruptions and maximize student learning. laugh

1.  BACKPACKS-  Your child should use a name labeled backpack each day to transport notes, homework, lunch, fruitbreak (snack) etc. 

2.  SNACK/RECESS-  A Daily Healthy -Nutritious snack should be brought in for an afternoon snack break.  Since our lunch is from 1:10-1:55 we will have a morning snack/recess not one in the afternoon.  Please no sugar juice boxes, cookies, or candy as a morning snack.  Your child will have more energy for a longer period of time from a piece of fruit, cheese and crackers, or celery/carrot sticks.  Closed water bottles are encouraged for students to keep on their desks during the day as long as they are name labeled.  Please remember to wear closed toe shoes for safety on the playground.

3.  SUPPLIES-   Your child should have a name labeled plastic pencil box to organize all the loose items like crayons, pencils, etc.  The items listed on the grade level material list will be stored in the classroom and will be used to fill the  caddy boxes for each group use.  Students are welcome to have any additional personal school items in their own plastic pencil box and keep in their cubbies.

4.  TOYS AT SCHOOL-  Your child should not bring any toys, stuffed animals, game devices or trading cards to school.  They may bring a soccer ball, basketball, football, or jumprope for recess.  Please make sure any equipment that is brought in is name labeled.

5.  EARLY DISMISSAL-  Please write me a note if your child is to have a different dismissal from their normal routine such as being picked up instead of riding the bus home. This will help eliminate any confusion by me and the office at the end of the day.  A note will prevent your child having to worry all day about remembering who, what, when at the day's end.  If your child is to ride home with another child's parents please sebd u a written not saying so. I will NOT release a child to another parent based on your child telling me they have permission to home with a classmate.  

6.  DROP OFF AND PICK UP- I  would appreciate parents not walking their child down to the classroom and hanging up all their belongings for them.  As second graders, this should be an independent skill.  Like wise please wait for your child at the front door at school's dismissal to eliminate crowded hallways.  If your child is to be picked up early, please stop in the office and sign them out.  The secretary will call down to the classroom and we will only release your child after the office call. 

7.  CONTACT-  If you need to contact me regarding a concern please call me before or after school hours as mentioned above so we can talk or set up a conference time to address any issue.  Also please see the Remind 101 sign-up!  I use Remind all year long to send out important messages and you can send me quick messages as well. To receive reminders this year from Mrs. Bickel, please join our class Remind 101 group.  This is a private group just for us.  Send a text to 81010 and text this message @99b79h.  

8.  CURRICULUM-  A curriculum guide for second grade is provided by Huron Valley Schools on the Huron  Valley Schools Website.

9.  RECOGNIZING LEADERSHIP-  Students will work towards common classroom goals, and set individual learning goals keeping in line with the Seven Habits.

10.  BIRTHDAYS- This year I am going to abide by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act (FAAMA) signed into law on January 4, 2011 and the National Food Allergy Legislation (FALCPA) passed on July 20, 2004.  These laws require individual packaging and labels to be present on al food items distributed listing the ingredients  of the product.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ANY COOKIES, CUPCAKES, OR OTHER FOOD ITEMS for all students' safety.  Today there are so many children with dangerous allergies to nut and milk products, I would rather take caution against a possible reaction occurring.  Therefore, to recognize your child's birthday I am suggesting new pencils, erasers, trinket bags (no candy) and/or a special new or gently used book be sent in as recognition.  The book will be signed by all the classmates and kept in a special "birthday nook" section of our classroom for the year and then returned at year's end  for your child to take and treasure.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.    If you are planning a birthday party at home please do not send in party invitations to be passed out to selected classmates.  Feelings are fragile at this age.  If you join the PTA, they publish a nice address book of members which may contain the needed information to send out those party invitations.  I am not able to pass out other phone numbers, emails, or addresses.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.  If your child has a summer birthday, towards the end of the school year I will set up a schedule for those to have a special day. 

11.  BEHAVIOR-  As we as a second grade class become a "Johnson Family" the students and I develop a class set of values along with a class mission statement we call "Our 2nd Grade  Class Mission" to follow.  Focus will be on Conflict Resolution, Safety, Respect, Responsibility, Quality Effort, Caring and our Johnson Jaguar Principles:  Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Dependability, and Empathy all sprinkled with fun and a smile.    Mistakes are going to be made and if/when it happens I will of course give them the opportunity to correct the behavior and move on.  At morning meeting we discuss issues that the class needs to work on to develop a caring classroom family community.  Any serious or persistent infractions, I will contact you to help resolve.  While not all children will report to me a problem they may be having,  please do not hesitate to let me know right away so it can be taken care of as soon as possible.  

12.  FAMILY VACATIONS- I realize families sometimes have to take vacations during the school year based on parent's employers and schedules.  Please stop in the office and fill out a vacation form informing the school and myself of the absence for attendance purposes.  I will provide a vacation journal for our child to record in about their trip.  I believe vacations are just that-time for families to be together and not doing school work in a different location.  Any work your child missed will be in thier desk and they can complete at home to send in as soon as possible after their vacation.  If your child is ou for an unfortunat lengthy illness, please email or call me and I will gather the missed work for them to be picked up in the office or sent with a sibling the next school day.  Please allow me 24 hours to gathe and put together a missed work packet.  This would apply to children missing more than 2 days of school. 

13.  FRIDAYS-  Every Friday your child will bring home corrected work from the week.  While going over their work, any papers you find with a "Please finish and return"on them indicates they Did Not Finish the assignment.  Your child should complete them and return the work on Monday.  I do keep a grade book with assignments completed and homework turned in which is reflected on the report cards so all work is important unless otherwise indicated.  Students will at times be grading their own work, as we correct as a class.

14.  PARENT VOLUNTEERS-  I will be sending  home a parent helper form towards the beg of Sept if anyone is interested in helping out with making materials and class or individual books.  Meanwhile please complete the mandatory criminal background check form and return to the office ASAP so there won't be any tie ups when I do make up the parent volunteer schedule. 

15. HOMEWORK-  Please look under the homework tab on the top menu bar for its explanation.

16.  YIKES!!-  I know this is a lot of information at one time.  Please feel free to print a hard copy to review when needed throughout the year.  I will also leave this page up for the year for continued review.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read an inform yourself about second grade.  Please review with your child the contents that pertain to them.  Looking forward to a fun and successful learning exprience!!


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Have Fun!
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